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Alex & Gretchen Kinchen

Alex and his wife Gretchen followed God to plant a church where people in Lexington from all backgrounds and experiences could feel at home and be open to the truth of how much God loves them in Jesus.

Alex is the founder and lead pastor of The Gathering Place. He is passionate about helping people take their next step closer to God. Pastor Alex knows that you can trust in religion and be empty but trusting in Jesus always leads to fulfillment. Jesus is the only answer for the people are looking for hope and community.

Gretchen is passionate about sharing the love of God. Her true understanding of grace and freedom in Jesus came as an adult–after years of being a pastor’s wife. She has a heart for others to know what it truly means to be free from guilt, shame, and trying to work hard to impress God.

Alex & Gretchen consider it a privilege to serve shoulder to shoulder at The Gathering Place.

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